Getting Started on 121Event

    What is

    121Event is a "DIY"-Do it yourself platform specially designed for Event organizers to manage events with greater speed and ease.

    At 121Event, we wish to simplify the process of events creation and handling, a task that often requires an entire team in large organizations. offers unique features as follows:

    • Create sub-domain exclusive for your events
    • Customize home page, events and discounted coupons
    • Receive online payments (net banking, debit card, credit card) for registration of your events
    • Facility to log in offline payments like cash, cheque, bank transfer to get consolidated collection report
    • Broadcast SMS/Email to participants
    • Mobile dashboard for organizing team
    • On-site and off-site name badge for the participants
    • Generate digital certificates for the participants
    What events are published / listed on 121Event?
  • Tech conferences, medical conferences, Concerts, trade fairs, seminars, corporate training, workshops, and the entire gamut of events can be listed in 121Event platform.
    How much does it cost to create an event?
  • The process of creating event is completely free
    How many events can be created in a sub-domain?
  • Event organizer can create any number of events on his/her page. Events will be displayed in an order from the most recent event to the older event.
    How can I publish my event in
  • When new event is created, it is private by default, which means event will be shown only in sub-domain of event organizer. To make it public which means to publish it in common forum as well, event organizer needs to send the request to 121Event admin at
    What is the benefit of making the event public or publishing the event in
  • Your event will get more visibility as we aggressively promote through various social media platform like digital marketing through Facebook, Linkdn and offline medium like paper advertisement, banners and stalls
    Does making the event public involves some charges?
  • Yes, Rs 500/- per event is the charge to make event public
    How can I take entries of the participants who are doing offline payment?
  • There is an option of "Offline Payment" in admin's dashboard to log offline payment.
    Will participants get receipt of booking?
  • Yes, once the payment is done, receipt will be sent to registered email of participant. In case of offline payment, event organizer once submits the participant's info, participant will receive the receipt.
    Will the event organizer be notified for each booking?
  • Yes, both payee and payer are notified with SMS and e-mail confirmation
    What is the process of refund in case of event not happened or transaction failed but amount debited?
  • In case of failed transaction, refund will be initiated instantly. It may take 3 to 5 working days to settle amount into payer's account, depending on mode of payment and associated bank.
    Event organizer can also avail refund functionality of
    What is the frequency of money settlement into organizer's bank account?
  • We provide flexi options to our regular customers.
    Can I provide Saving bank account for money settlement?
  • Yes, you can provide saving or current account.
    Will I get detail transaction report on every money settlement?
  • Yes, you will get detailed transaction report with every settlement.
    How much time does it take in the refund process?
  • It will take 3-5 working days.
    What are the advantages of partnering with 121Event?
  • We understand your world. Our primary goal is to make your event a great experience for your participants and your organizing team.
    Is this platform available for global customers?
  • 121Event is a global platform. Currently payment gateway only available for India. But the solution can be used as offline platform for rest of the features.
    What support does 121event provide?
  • 121Event provides dedicated support via email, call and whatsapp.
    How secure is the information I subscribe to on 121event?
  • 121Event keeps the information or credentials given by the Organizer/User completely secured and we strictly adhere to no data sharing policy. 121Event follows the strictest industry guidelines and software practices to keep data safe. We endeavor to keep all the information that you provide, secure.
    How do I provide feedback for the event?
  • We would love to make your experience even better. Our teams are looking forward to hearing from you at Contact Us
  • Users Questions
    • What happens if an Event is cancelled?
    • In case of cancellation by the event organizer 121Event will update it on the event listing and a personal mail will be sent to you. If the event that you registered for is a paid event you will also be notified about the fee refund via email. However, cancellation of registration for an event that you have registered for, will vary and depend on the Organizer's terms & conditions.
      Where do I find information about the event organizer?
    • 121Event provides unique page to every Event Organizer. The information is available on event page
      Do Users/Visitors need to pay a fee to register?
    • A User/Visitor is required to pay a fee in case of a paid event. The registration fee can be paid on 121Event using multiple payment options.